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Held 3 years in a row, the event aims at supporting Russian farmers and developing event tourism.
Awards of the Project
Big Fish,
Results of the Year according to, 2019
First place in popular vote;
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of the Special Events Industry, 2019
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Road show of the year
Creative Concept:

In 2019, the SVOE farm festival was a series of 5 events held in five regions of Russia. The festival carried the dual idea: on the one hand, it was a demonstration of the successes achieved by Russian farmers in import substitution and improving national agricultural security, on the other hand, it was an acquaintance of direct consumers with farmers' products as an open holiday for everyone. The festival was held in a two-day format in each of the host cities.

When developing the fest concept, RusAg identified primary and secondary target audiences. The first group included the participants – farmers and Russian agro-industrial complex enterprises. The second group included the guests and all those who do not personally participate in the festival, but are interested in it as a way to spend their free time. When implementing the festival, the interests of both target groups were taken into account. The format of the weekend festival (Saturday-Sunday) provided not only a farm market, but also a rich cultural, entertainment and business program with the main purpose to convey certain traditions, emotions and meanings to the audience. Admission to the festival was free for both visitors and participants. The fest gives people positive emotions and unites them around SVOE and RusAg brands.

The purpose of the SVOE fest is to help farmers present the products grown and made with their own hands to potential buyers and enter the market. We are confident that our event will serve the development of Russian agriculture and introduce Russians to new brands of healthy, environmentally friendly and delicious products. We pay special attention to how farmers can increase the efficiency of farming and the competitiveness of their products.
Denis Konstantinov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Agricultural Bank
Project goals:
  • to support and develop farm projects and small agribusinesses;
  • to promote farm products and organize sales outlets via the festival in five regions of Russia;
  • to create a positive image and promote products of domestic agricultural producers;
  • to organize a family city holiday with a rich cultural program.
Fest dates:
Sakharov Square,
August 17-18, 2019
Tula Kremlin,
August 24-25, 2019
25 October Prospect,
August 31 – September 1
Veliky Novgorod
Yaroslavovo Dvorische,
September 7 – 8
Kaluga Region
September 19 – 22

During the preparation of the festival, a corporate identity was developed, with unified guidelines introduced to be used in various communication channels and to improve brand awareness. A single style was also developed for displaying farmers' products.

The largest exhibition of modular structures was developed and implemented for the construction of the festival. There were more than 100 modern stalls equipped for selling farming products in the farmer area. The total building area for 5 events was 35,000 square meters.

More than 500 farms in Russia presented their products at the SVOE fest sites. Farms from all over the country presented dairy and cheese products, honey, meat and poultry, vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, bread, mushrooms and berries, tea and herbs. Participation in the festival was free. And this is a very important point that distinguishes the SVOE fest from similar projects. After all, a farmer does not actually bear any costs of participating in the project, except for his or her own transportation to the festival venue.

The festival included a rich business program with specialized seminars. The 2019 festival program focuses on support measures and opportunities that the state program for integrated rural development opens up in rural areas. This was told by the speakers – representatives of RusAg and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

The event received a great media coverage: about 20 stories and about 130 publications were published in the broadcast media.

Our team is proud to take part in the organization of this fest, and we’d like to say thank you for RusAg’s vote of confidence. SVOE is a project that we can really be proud of. This project carries a huge mission and it is very pleasant for us to feel our involvement in such a big and global event. To understand that we can help the development of agriculture with our own efforts. In our work, we communicate with farmers and visitors, get their feedback, and we are extremely pleased to see a huge flow of positive feedback
Elena Plakhtienko, CEO, LYRA
Project results:

The festivals helped to promote and improve farm brands awareness. According to the reviews of representatives of local self-government, city administrations and the public, the SVOE All-Russian Farm Festival has established itself as a bright, festive, family event that gathers real lovers of high-quality Russian-made products.

Following the fest, RusAg took another step to promote farm products and created — a single portal of farmers participating in the SVOE fest. The portal presents more than 500 farms with unique success stories from all over the country. This platform creates an opportunity to get acquainted with the best domestic manufacturers.

Cooperation of RusAg and Roskachestvo made the SVOE fest a trusted brand. SVOE labeled products are a quality mark for consumers.

The SVOE fest introduced farmers and became a starting point for gathering farms and exchanging experience. The younger generation of farmers introduced the older generation to modern promotion technologies, and the older generation shared their experience in the field of farm development. Thus, the SVOE fest has become a professional platform for the exchange of experience and interaction of the community. Having learned about each other, many farmers were able to form  Agricultural Enterprises (peasant farm enterprises), which allowed them to consolidate production capacities and enter the chain stores in regional centers and even Moscow.

Tula Kremlin, August 24, 2019
Irina Shvets
CEO of Muslim farm,
Leningrad Region
The SVOE fest is both an image work and a good advertisement — we are recognized, sometimes even friends say that they have seen us on TV. And it stimulates employees and they are proud to talk about us in the media in relation to the festival.
Konstantin Sychev
Founder of Courchevel Cheese Factory,
Yaroslavl Region
The SVOE fest helps to promote our brand, gives us support and facilitates our development. We have been participating in the festival for several years, and people who bought our cheese a year or two years ago come to us and say: "Oh, we remember you!", and buy from us again. We also communicate with our colleagues, try each other's products. There is such a full-fledged exchange at all levels.
Vladimir Golichkov
Head of Pchela farm,
Moscow Region
The format of the SVOE fest is really cool. The only format that allows the farmers’ movement to develop and begin to believe in their abilities.
Dmitry Balashov
Head of Ivan Da trading house,
Novosibirsk Region
I want to participate in every SVOE fest — this is an amazing event with the level of organization no other market in our country can boast of.
Maksim Yedlin
Founder of Yedlin Bread,
Bryansk Region
Thanks to the SVOE fest, we have more customers, and we work closely with them. We were able to meet a huge number of people and present our products to them.
Vladimir Kovakin
Chairman of SEC Ecohutor.
Orlov Region
A bright festival filled with a large number of events, an excellent platform for sharing best practices and business networking
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