Rosselkhozbank, JSC
Held 2 years in a row, the event aims at supporting Russian farmers and developing event tourism.
Russian Agricultural Bank
Tula – Izhevsk – Novgorod – Moscow
August 18 – September 23, 2018
200,000 people
Festival Forum 2019
First place
Best alternative festival
In August and September 2018, Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg) successfully organized and held a series of SVOE fests in Tula, Izhevsk, Veliky Novgorod and Moscow. LYRA Design&Event (LYRA) was the project operator. Held 2 years in a row, the event aims to support Russian farmers and develop event tourism.

The first SVOE fest took place in September 2017 in Arkhangelskoye Museum Estate. More than 40,000 Moscow residents and guests visited the festival in three days. The event got coverage on federal and regional TV channels, radio, as well as on social networks. The successful start made it possible to develop the festival's ideas and expand its presence in 2018, organizing the festival not only in the capital, but also in two regional and one republican centers.

Before the opening of the festivals, RusAg and LYRA solved several global problems. First of all, the corporate identity of the festival was redesigned for a universal communication platform to improve awareness of the new brand. The next step was to conduct the SVOE All-Russian census of farmers under the auspices of RusAg and with the assistance of VGTRK. Sergey Stillavin, the well-known Mayak radio host, hosted more than 110 broadcasts with Russian farmers invited. A series of informational programs helped to attract the attention of a wide audience to the topics of farming and its development in the regions of Russia, as well as to the issues of import substitution and support for domestic production. VGTRK also held an open vote for the best farmer with a prize fund of 1 million rubles on etosvoe.rf
We love events with a global mission. The SVOE fest supports Russian farmers, develops our event tourism.
Elena Plakhtienko
LYRA Design&Event CEO
The main task for RusAg and LYRA was to actually hold the SVOE fest in four cities from August to September 2018. Preliminary work with farmers, well-developed logistics and a clear project implementation plan allowed to attract more than 195,000 guests during the eight days of the festival. The event venues were recognizable and iconic sites such as Tula Kremlin, Novgorod Yaroslavovo Dvorische, Izhevsk Kirov Park of Culture and Recreation and Moscow VDNKh. The entrance to the festival, as well as participation for agricultural producers was free.

The festival participants were farmers of the Central, North-Western, Volga, Ural and Siberian Federal districts. More than 380 farms in Russia presented their products at the SVOE fest sites. All conditions for comfortable work were created for the participants. Thus, warehouses were provided for food storage, including refrigerators with a total area of 800 square meters, electricity and waste management services were provided.

The scale of the work done is best illustrated by the facts. The total electricity consumption via generators was 5200 kW. The calligraphers covered more than 10,000 square meters of chalk surface with 87,000 letters and images for the design of trade spaces. Only natural materials – wood and veneer – were used in the construction. 11,000 meters of ribbon pennants was used for decoration.

The guests of the festival could enjoy performances by 153 music and dance bands of different genres. 4 tons of fruits and vegetables was purchased to treat the guests in the photo zones. The food courts comprised 53 food outlets offering meals and drinks of regional cuisines.

During the fest days in four cities, farmers sold more than 7 tons of products, including more than 3,000 items worth in total more than 17 million rubles.


Russian Agricultural Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia. Established in 2000 to develop the national credit and financial system of the agro-industrial sector and rural areas of the Russian Federation, today it is a commercial bank offering all types of banking services and a leader in financing the agro-industrial complex of Russia.

LYRA Design&Event is one of Russia’s leaders in developing and implementing design and event marketing projects. Working since 2010, LYRA Design&Event agency has implemented several dozen events for major brands, companies and NGOs.

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