Strategic session for technology corporation

Outdoor strategic session for the employees of a large technology corporation.

Radisson Residences, Zavidovo
September 2021
300 people
In the autumn 2021 LYRA AGENCY organized a traditional outdoor strategic session for the employees of a large technology corporation.

For many companies Covid restrictions had become a real test. It had created new obstacles for doing business, raised the demand for finding a new format or internal communications. The agency decided to invite all participants to the country house. BIG Dacha to give the participants of the session an opportunity for live communication and to shift the emphasis from business matters to self-development and entertainment.

For the participants, the session began with the transfer. To make that transfer, the agency rented an entire train, where, during the trip, the employees were involved in a thematic quest with actors and tasks, exploring the topic of corporate values.

The main part of the entertainment program took the format of a vibrant theatrical show. The evening ended with a wonderful performance by a popular cover band.

For the most active participants at BIG Dacha there was a sport part. Sport activities were supervised by an Olympic champion.
The business part of the strategic session was developed in close cooperation with the School of Creative Thinking IKRA. During the session, employees improved their perception of corporate values ​​and identified the key principles that affect the corporate culture of the company.

The final part of the event was the Attic-afterparty. Here, in an informal atmosphere, the participants were able to communicate and share their emotions, recall the events in the life of the company that contributed to the team’s cohesiveness. 

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