How to organize a partner zone, reach the targets and inform all the participants?
Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow
MGIMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (76 Vernadsky Ave.)
September 3-4, 2020
Participants for 2 days: Offline — up to 1,000 people Online — up to 45,000 people
The DEID (Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow) tent has become the center of attraction for young entrepreneurs — a meeting place for students and aspiring businessmen, a comfortable area to communicate and get acquainted with the SME services and support that Moscow offers.

The site was divided into three thematic zones, similar to the department's website — subsidies, accelerators, services. Each zone had its own image and functionality. But together they represented a balanced business space.

Cafe (Subsidies): the launch and support of business were presented as a modern cozy city coffee shop. After all, it is over a cup of coffee that the most important business issues are effectively solved.

Unicorn (Accelerators): a festival format of an art object and a lounge area for informal communication.

Business Club (Services): The Drink&Talk format to establish effective networking. Here you can listen to the speakers, ask questions, discuss, and communicate one-on-one.

“Entrepreneurship was the main topic of the forum. The development of this segment is one of the key factors for ensuring the "immune system of the world economy". I am pleased that the "Entrepreneur as a Profession" panel discussion became the starting point of the forum."
Alexey Fursin,
Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.
At the end of the speech, all the guests were given themed sticker packs containing information about DEID services and funny stickers with bright branding and humorous phrases on the topic of business.

Number of participants for 2 days:
  • Offline — 700 people
  • Online — more than 200 thousand people from Russia, European countries, BRICS countries and the USA
  • The event got the Event of the Year award in the Business Forum of the Year category

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