A New Year event in Golden Age of Hollywood style. Stylish costumes, roaring swing and a common sense of belonging to something special for everyone...
December 13, 2018
More than 500 guests, company’s employees.
AB InBev Efes New Year event in the speakeasy format is an event for members only which was organized in 2018 after the merger of two companies (AB InBev and Anadolu Efes). That evening, everyone could feel a little like a gangster or a Hollywood diva. Stylish costumes, roaring swing and a common sense of belonging to something special — this is what distinguished this celebration, filled with Golden Age of Hollywood style.
The concept of "speakeasy" (speak quietly) appeared in the 1920s and 1930s in the United States — at a time when prohibition was in effect and alcohol consumption was strictly limited. Nevertheless, people tried to break those restrictions, and soon there appeared places that it was not customary to talk loudly about. The guests were always people from the inner circle, so there was a special atmosphere there.
Atmosphere and style:
The design and equipment of the chosen venue is impressive and is perfect for use as a speakeasy location. Selective accents in the interior of the room made it possible to elegantly implement the proposed concept in visual terms. Throughout the evening, commercials were shown on the screens in a looped mode, edited and stylized with the help of the retro effect of the film, which emphasized the historicity of the moments of the outgoing year.
In order to create a sense of mystery for the guests of the evening, a special activity was organized at the entrance. An eye-catching actor dress as a speakesy bouncer "demanded" to answer correctly to three questions in the form of numbers — these are the dates of important events in the history of the merged company. The fight dogs at the entrance gave the event a special atmosphere. The staff working at the event had an important and unique feature — they can all be divided into pairs... of indistinguishable twins.

The program of the event was very rich and covered different interests of the guests, even those they didn't even know about. Activities in the welcome area allowed to find something to do to everyone's taste and did not let the guests get bored while waiting for other guests to come.

The opening performance is a vocal and choreographic show based on soundtracks of the times of abandoned hilarity in America of the 30s. Bright characters, colorful costumes, light humor and a high level of performance could not leave even the most demanding viewer indifferent.

Taking into account the corporate focus of the event, the content of the main part was prepared directly by the heroes of the day, that is, the participants themselves. Looking at others and showing yourself is the main principle of the most important part of the evening. Each of the departments has prepared a performance in one of the proposed genres. After awarding the winners, a workshop by swing dancers was organized for the guests, as well as sets from a DJ and a disco.
Secret Wall
At the entrance, the pianist performed light atmospheric music. In addition, there was a "secret wall" in the entrance area, where guests received a prediction for the next year. The construction of the wall: there were holes in the wall through which the animators stretched out their hands with predictions. A guest did not know exactly where the hand with the prediction appeared from, which created the surprise effect.
One of the photo booths was designed as a retro studio with instant photo printing. The guests were shot with a wooden camera of the 1930 and immediately showed the frames in a mobile darkroom of the 1940s. according to the technology of the beginning of the last century. Most of the photo development took place in the light, so the guests saw the process of creating a photo from the beginning to the very end.
During the evening, the hosts conducted a lottery. Guests took one Bud or Kozel beer lid with a number on the inside. The host pulled the lid out and announced the winner. The winners received branded gifts and cocktails made from Bud/Kozel beer varieties.

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