The annual traditional business event
of one of the world's metallurgical leaders was held online for the first time.
December 9, 2020
More than 200 online connections – business partners
EVRAZ cares about its partners and employees, so we didn’t even consider the offline format as an option for the long-awaited event. But how to organize an online premium event with dinner, communication and star performances, and not to make the guests – key partners and company's friends – feel bored?
LYRA Agency chose a perfect solution, which became not only an absolute alternative to an offline meeting, but impressed all the participants, so they stayed connected until the very end.
The event connected 7 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Belarus, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
At a certain hour, the celebration came to the houses of the invited:

1. Cocktail reception – each guest (from all 7 countries) received a festive set: exquisite premium wine and snacks.

2. Spectacular event featuring stars – the participants of the legendary "ProjectorParisHilton" gathered together to discuss EVRAZ’s hottest news and agenda. The company's results and milestone projects were discussed with the signature humor.

3. Participation effect – there was an online chat available for participants throughout the event  to comment and ask questions to the hosts of the show and communicate with each other.

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