Speed and comfort, day and night, black and white.
Moscow Raceway
May 23, 2015
more than 3,000 people — Porsche owners, customers and fans, partners, media, VIP guests and business elite
2016 Special Event Industry Annual National Award
Best brand event;
Test drive of the year;
Best creative concept;
Best event design;
Event goals:
  • Presentation of the Porsche model range to the public with a focus on Porsche sports cars and the Porsche GTS model range.
  • Test drive of the most successful sports cars in the segment — the Porsche 911.
  • Maintaining and strengthening the image of the Porsche brand as a manufacturer of exclusive, genuine daily driver sports cars both on the race track and on the city roads.
  • Informing current and prospective customers about the opening of the Porsche Driving Center Russia, attracting new customers to the center.
  • Attracting prospective customers to the world of the brand’s values (by inviting customers, partners and accompanying persons).
  • Informing current and prospective customers, journalists and the public about current and future models and modifications.
  • Maintaining brand loyalty.
Creative concept description:
The main idea of the event is to make the concept of speed the focal point of the entire event, combining a daytime festival and a night event in the title and concept. The idea of the event consisted of two opposite concepts — speed and comfort, day and night, black and white, Racing Day and Racing Night.

The main heroes of the event are GTS cars, the Porsche Driving Center Russia and the Moscow Raceway.

The centerpiece of the event was the Porsche City, built from real cargo containers, symbolizing the brutality of auto racing, adrenaline and sports.

About the event:
Throughout the day, the latest models of Porsche cars were tested at the Moscow Raceway, and each participant could enjoy driving the legendary car. A real Porsche City was built on the Moscow Raceway around the Porsche 919 Hybrid and the GTS cars, with a Porsche play area for children.

Traditionally, the City was full of various activities — a test drive of Porsche bicycles on the figure driving track, kite flying workshops, RC races, versatile street food outlets.

The main peculiarity of the Porsche Festival 2015 Racing Day & Night was that for the first time one of the venues of the festival was the Porsche Driving Center Russia officially opened during the festival.
Another important hallmark of the festival was a special night program — Porsche Night.

The daytime part of the Porsche Festival (Racing Day) suddenly turned into Racing Night with a dynamic, quick change in the venue design.

The event concluded with the Porsche Sport Challenge 2015 race with 22 Porsche cars.

Throughout the Porsche Festival 2015, the track saw more than 20 Porsche 911 sports cars with excellent performance ratings and winners of more than 30,000 racing competitions.
Target audience:
Prospective customers, VIP partner clients, regular Porsche customers, business and automotive media, celebrities, company’s executives

Channels and media tools for covering the event and describing the results:
Internet, social media, mailing list

Technology and special effects:
Facts about the Porsche Festival 2015 Racing Day & Night: over 120 tons of metal, 600 square meters of Oracal film were used during the 5 days of the site construction, and it took 34 containers to create the Porsche GTS City. The Agency spent more than 500 hours developing the architectural concept and project.
Performance indicators achieved:
Guests: 3,000 people
Test drives: 1,050

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