All the enthusiasts, journalists and Porsche fans gathered here - at the annual weekend fest
Moscow Raceway
May 31, 2014
1,500 people — Porsche owners, customers and fans, partners, media, VIP guests
Porsche owners are called members of a large family, and like a traditional large family, they like to gather and spend time together. We held the Porsche Festival just as a family celebration interesting for everyone. The guests watched the show presentation of the new Porsche Targa, participated in a test drive on the track, in the paddock and through the streets of the city, tried street food.
On May 31, the annual Porsche Festival sports event took place at the Moscow Raceway. This year, as part of the festival, Porsche Russland organized the Russian preview of the new Porsche 911 Targa, which is a reflection of the brand’s timeless style.

In addition to the stunning Targa, the could see the entire model range. It was lined in front of a huge tent: the iconic 911, daring Cayman and Boxster, imposing Panamera, controversial Cayenne and the new Macan.

Those who were particularly brave could try the 911, Panamera and Macan right on the race track, and those who were unsure of their abilities could use the services of a racing taxi, where professional shook the spirit out of their passengers. Especially for fans of the younger member of the Cayman family, a small circle was built, lavishly decorated with cones, on which you could feel the dynamics and impeccable handling of the car.

But there were not cars alone. Those interested could get acquainted with old timers, works of artists, buy souvenirs and branded clothing, as well as ride segways and ultra-technological prototypes of Porsche bicycles worth several hundred thousand rubles. The festival program was really busy. The scale of the event fully corresponded to the status of one of the brightest brands in the automotive industry. The Porsche Festival is the day you will remember for a long time.

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