An open platform providing a three-party dialogue between society, business and government to shore up the quality of social projects and intersectoral cooperation development and implementation.
Civic Chamber
of the Russian Federation
Crocus Expo
November, 3-4, 2015
5,000 guests
2016 Special Event Industry Annual National Award
Regional event of the year;
Best creative concept;
Best event design.
Event objectives:

  • Identify the state of development of the non-profit sector in the regions, discuss current problems and possible solutions, establish intersectoral relations between representatives of society, government and business, support the most effective practices of civic engagement.
  • The Community forums are one of the platforms for the preparation of the annual Report of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on the state of civil society in the Russian Federation.
About the event:
The Community forum of active citizens is an open working platform for interaction between society, business and government.

The Community forum helps to determine the real state of development of the non-profit sector in Russia based on the results of research and feedback from forum participants.

The Community forum is an opportunity to present social projects or initiatives, to find social support for projects in the region. This forum became a key event on the National Unity Day. The Community forum was visited by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2015.
Creative concept description:
The corporate identity of the Community forum is built on working with text. Words do not only convey the meaning, but also represent design elements on their own. Quotes from forum speakers, politicians and public persons about civic activism are used as the main design technique.

Target audience:
Representatives of non-profit organizations, civil activists, representatives of business communities, state authorities of the Russian Federation, representatives of the media

Number of guests:
5,000 people

Channels and media tools for covering the event and describing the results:
confidential information, the Internet, social networks, outdoor advertising, television, print media.

Technology and special effects:
While working on this project, we faced a complex engineering and technical task. The acoustics of the site did not allow to place several sites with their own individual program. To provide guests with maximum comfort, we were helped by the distribution of sound-proof materials and the non-standard architecture of the premises, which absorbs sound from the outside. The location of the equipment also helped to create a comfortable sound in conditions of the strongest room reverberations.

In the organization of the technical support of the event, we used installation technologies instead of the rental ones, which allowed to avoid plenty of metal structures on the floor.
Performance indicators achieved:
The participants of the Community forum had the opportunity to visit various interactive zones, including the exhibition of NGO resource centers, which was attended by more than 20 regional and interregional organizations providing various support to NGOs, as well as organizations that operate grant funds and crowdfunding platforms. During the forum, an exhibition display of the third sector research in the Russian Federation was presented, where the forum participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the research findings (for the Volga, Siberian, North-Western, Far Eastern, Ural and Crimean federal districts).

As part of the forum, 25 participants from different regions of Russia presented the most interesting social projects.

The forum also included an award ceremony for the laureates of “I am a Citizen” award — the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation award in civil engagement. The winners were civil activists from 9 regions of Russia.

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