An expo held in GUM showing the whole history of company's development in Russia
July-August, 2013
More than 100,000 guests, shopping center customers.
The Longines Conquests 135 Years in Russia Expo showed the whole history of the company's development, whose rich traditions naturally accompany advanced technologies. The 20th century retro vibes start with a Lepine steel pocket watch sold in Russia in 1910 and end with a 1970 model featuring a cybernetic mechanism. The expo also included modern samples of Longines watches.

For 135 years, Russian ladies and gentlemen have been enjoying the Longines watches. We recalled the milestones in the history of the world’s most distinguished watch brand.

To celebrate its 135th anniversary in Russia, the Longines Watch House made a gift to Moscow residents — in July, they held a unique expo on GUM’s first floor next to the Sublime boutique featuring historical models of watches from the Longines Museum. The oldest watch at the expo was Lepine silver pocket watch produced back in 1870. You need a special key to wind it up.

The intricate Savonnette gold pendant watch decorated with a diamond monogram was only eighteen years younger — it was made in 1889.

The brand did not need to bring a curious early 20th century Lepine pocket watch showing a date and a day of the week to Russia, as it was sold to a Russian agent back in 1910.

The modern Longines watches presented at the expo are well known to Moscow residents: these are the women's DolceVita Watches with a rectangular case, a spectacular steel Longines Saint-Imier chronograph, a gold watch with a transparent back cover from the Masters Collection and the iconic thinnest watch La Grande Classique de Longines — an immortal brand’s classic model. And, of course, at the expo you can learn more about the anniversary Conquest Classic watch with the memorable engraving. Made specifically for Russia, they were produced just in 135 copies.

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