Light! Camera! Drive!
Toyota Motor Russia
ExpoForum, Saint Petersburg
November, 19-20, 2016
December 3 – 4, 2016
More than 5,200 people Journalists, loyal and new brand’s customers, dealership center representatives.
Annual National Award
of the Special Events Industry, 2016
Client event of the year; Test drive of the year;
Best creative concept; Best technical implementation; Best video production; Best design of the event
BEMA, 2017
Best Experience Marketing Awards
Best client event;
Best automotive event;
Creative concept description:
Actor, producer, or director? It’s for you to decide. The unique Lexus Live event opens a new season — the season of cinematic experience.

Light! Camera! Drive! The best Lexus crossovers and SUVs — NX, RX, GX and LX — in a natural environment, at two stunning venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg will become your partners in the real filming process.

You've heard it right — in 2016 autumn, Lexus Live gives you the opportunity to take part in the creation of a full-length movie, immerse yourself in the world of film-making and feel like a real star.

Acting, emotions, special effects are what distinguishes Lexus Live and is the highlight of the event. There will be plenty of all these. The chance to test yourself on breathtaking tracks in the city and off-road, as well as the opportunity to fully appreciate the advantages of technology and the perfection of luxury Lexus, as always, are complemented by an atmosphere of exceptional hospitality for each guest and companions.

Become a participant of an unforgettable event — be the main character of your own movie, enjoy the comfort and innovations of the Lexus world and get a lot of unforgettable impressions in the new season of Lexus Live!
Event goals:
  • The main goal of the project is to increase the level of knowledge about the Lexus brand, convey the brand values and develop knowledge about the Omotenashi culture.
  • To give guests a unique experience and show the emotionality and premium quality of the brand.
  • To offer the opportunity to see the SUVs in action.
  • To show that Lexus is a special, desirable (bold design, exciting handling, top quality, etc.), and luxury brand.
  • To demonstrate an individual approach to Lexus customers.
  • To increase the level of loyalty to the brand.
  • To attract potential customers in order to improve the attitude to the brand.
About the event:
A unique Lexus Live event making every guest feel like a blockbuster movie character.

The ground-breaking format of the Lexus Live event introduced the brand, services, traditions and values of the brand to the gusts of the event in an emotional and lively way, and also gave a chance to appreciate all the advantages and capabilities of premium Lexus SUVs and crossovers.

The high point of the Lexus Live event was the unique test drives that allowed not only to get acquainted, but also make friends with the main characters of this blockbuster — premium crossovers and Lexus SUVs from the brand's latest model range: the premium urban crossover NX and the fourth generation of the premium crossover RX, the luxury SUV GX and the new flagship LX SUV.

Guests had to go through test drives in the unpredictable Megalopolis and blinding Hollywood, as well as to cross the obstacles of the Grand Canyon right on the filming set. Guests could fully try the off-road capabilities on specially designed tracks — exciting control and excellent maneuverability of Lexus cars. With elaborate obstacles, the participants could try the amazing Lexus technologies and feel the uttermost quality of the cars.
The hospitality area was uniquely designed: the event visitors were instantly getting to the backstage filming area. At the reception, guests were met by trained actors who led clients who appeared as movie stars and received VIP support from one zone to another. Thus, the guests were constantly not only “in the spotlight”, but also in the focus of attention, enjoying the high culture of Lexus hospitality and the Omotenashi philosophy.
Each zone in the film-making workshop (hospitality) was designed as one of the parts of the common filming area. There was an appropriate legend invented for each zone of the Lexus brand, which the actor was telling to the guests.

Registration is a casting call for the lead role. And all our guests "starred" the lead roles.

Lexus Services is a special effects zone with a projection onto the windshield.

Lexus Boutique is a dressing room; branded clothing and other accessories store.

Takumi is a workshop, since Takumi masters are among the most respected people in Japan.

The brand’s history is presented as a film production.
Also, a drive-in cinema was located at the stage in keeping with the best American traditions.
Following Lexus LC coupe, Lexus LX SUV and the new flagship Lexus LS sedan took part in the second stage of making the film adaptation of the novel by Viktor Pelevin "Empire V" ("Empire V").
"Empire V" tells about young Roman Storkin from Moscow, who turned into a vampire Rama and joined the world's "elite" in unexplained circumstances. He was played by Pavel Tabakov, the son of Oleg Tabakov. The film also starred Miron Fedorov, known as rapper Oxxxymiron, Mikhail Efremov, Vera Alentova and Viktor Verzhbitsky. The release in Russia is scheduled for the end of 2019.
Target audience:
  • Journalists, loyal and new brand’s customers, dealership center representatives
  • Journalists (Saint Petersburg): 40 media and bloggers.
  • Journalists (Moscow): 100 media and bloggers.
  • Clients (Saint Petersburg): 450 people + 1,125 accompanying guests.
  • Clients (Moscow): 979 people + 2,447 accompanying guests.
  • Dealers: 65 people.
Used technologies and special effects:
Special effects: the main pavilion hosting the indoor test drive was called "Hollywood". The participants of the test drive did not just cross the obstacles, but were completely immersed in what was happening thanks to a series of special effects, each relating to a particular point of the route. For example, one of the obstacles featured a stuntman looking like Agent Smith from the Matrix, who slid down a cable to the clients' cars; another obstacle included the car doused with steam jets; at the third one imitated volcano lava ejection, thunder and lightning flashes.

Service area: the introduction to Lexus services took place in a non-trivial format and atmosphere — guests got into the car, and a film about the services with integrated information about the test drive was displayed on the windshield. The unusual presentation of the film in a car just like in the cinema made a great impression on the guests and provided the most complete information about Lexus services in the shortest possible time.

Online registration boards: for the convenience of guests, large plasmas were mounted next to the reception and at the exit to the test drive, simulating the board at the airport and showing the guest's last name, the time of the test drive and the name of the route. This facilitated coordination of large flows of guests.
As part of the project concept, one of the most important parts of the event was a personalized gift for each guest who took up a test drive — a personalized video clip.

The Agency has set a very difficult task — to shoot, edit, upload a video to a video hosting service and send it to the client as a link in real time with a delay of no more than a few hours.

The real movie shooting took place at the venue — dollies, cranes, professional cameras, OB truck, kilometers of wires and 45 team members — these were just some of the components of the success.
Personalized video
Story behind
The video was made according to a pre-written script, which had been developed long before the event. It was important to keep the balance between the product part and the entertainment part of the video in order to achieve a good viral effect.

Cutting and production of the basic video:
Out of almost 40 seconds of the video, about 8 seconds were dedicated to personalized content from the event, plus 15 seconds for shooting content, the rest of the material included footages purchased at stock sites and found in the Lexus media library.

Preliminary video content making:
One of the technical difficulties was the preparation of sites and making content directly from the sites where the project was running. The work was further complicated by the very short time limits for content shooting and editing (all the material was shot immediately before the event, a day before the launch of the project).

Making personalized content:
For the first time at such a large-scaled event, we made a successful attempt to shoot a personal video for each guest.
More than 350 people per day visited the event in St. Petersburg, with 450 visitors in Moscow.
A manually operated crane followed each car. Due to the huge number of repetitions of movements, the film crew was twice larger than usual. We made 5 shots with a guest using 4 cameras, 2 shots using a crane, 1 shot using a dolly, and 3 other cameras were on tripods (1 extra camera in case the content from other cameras won’t be enough).

Video editing:
After filming, the content went to the editing room — the film-making sanctuary. The OB truck operator quickly distributed the footages between the editors. The editing began after a car finished its track. 8 editors worked on the videos at the same time at a speed of about 6 videos per hour.

Sending videos to guests:
To send videos to guests, we created a video hosting service with instant video editing. We decided to make our own video hosting, as with so big volumes to be uploaded we would have to wait for hours for content processing on existing platforms, while our platform allowed us to instantly upload and edit videos. All the editors were connected to a local network and a server that sent a request to download new videos every 10 seconds. After that, they were uploaded to the Internet via a ½ Gbps channel, then the file was processed, and after 30 seconds the link to the video was sent to the guest by email and text message.

Marketing performance indicators
Mannequin challenge
Identification of guests:
How not to mix up the videos and send them to right guests? Work with a guest began before he or she started a test drive. At the registration stage, guests were assigned a registration number with a photo taken.

The registration number was printed on the badge, and before boarding the car, the route coordinator checked it along with the test drive time, route and car model. Assistants attached signs with guest numbers to the car, and the scrip used this number to identify the guest to send the video to.

Next to each camera, clapper loaders slated the shots with the car number so that the content would not get mixed up.

Taking photos of the guests during the registration was an additional backup measure. In case of an error we could always find a video by the person's face using his or her photo.
The result was an exciting video, which, in our opinion, hit the target and impressed the guests. Everyone wanted to post the video on their social networks.
Performance indicators achieved:
  • Changed perception of the brand among customers.
  • A high rate of positive references about the event in the media, blogs, social networks.
  • Introducing of the brand’s unique aspects to guests.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased the brand loyalty

Official event hashtag:
#lexuslive #lexuslivestar

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