Lexus Live events held at world-class Moscow and Sochi racetracks offered guests a fundamentally new and vivid format of brand interaction.
Toyota Motor Russia
Sochi Autodrom.
Moscow Raceway.
April 1-3, 2016, Sochi.
April 16-17, 2016, Moscow.
4,480 people, including media from different Russian cities, as well as brand customers.
Annual National Award
of the Special Events Industry, 2017
Client event of the year
Test drive of the year
Event goals:
A series of test-drive events to promote the Lexus brand, expand the brand's audience and improve awareness.

The purpose of the event is to show the guests that Lexus is a unique and desirable luxury brand (in terms of its design, performance, quality and other features) in a new and unusual format. Additional goals included demonstration of the principles of maximum customer centricity and the unique Japanese hospitality philosophy in order to provide extraordinary service, as well as increase of the brand recognition.
Creative concept description:
The unique event format is designed as a competition that reveals both new or hidden advantages of cars, and the emotional characteristics of the guests themselves.

The project gives customers a gamut of new sensations — positive vibes from the competition, excitement, striving for superiority and leadership — and thus highlights the distinctive features of successful people — Lexus car owners.

The sports component of the brand is revealed through a competition between guests not only on the tracks, but also in other activities. Competitive elements help to show different sides and directions of brand development, give a customer new knowledge and advantages as a prize for winning competitions. Competition, excitement, sports drive make up the spirit of the event and show customers that they can experience these bright, sporty and near-sports emotions every day with Lexus cars.
About the event:
The new Lexus Live event is more than a test drive. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Lexus, to open its new frontiers. The guests had a unique opportunity to participate in exciting quests on roads and cross-country driving Lexus sedans and crossovers, cross difficult obstacles on legendary Lexus SUVs, feel the stunning drive behind the wheel of the latest GS F sports sedan and RC F sports coupe, as well as see the true triumph of design and technology achievement — the iconic LFA supercar. The special atmosphere of hospitality allowed each Lexus Live participant to feel like a welcome guest, get acquainted with Lexus unique culture, values and progressive technologies.
Used technologies and special effects:
The event is based on a competition test drive. This is a contest where each guest competes for a place in the standings with all the guests, where each discipline will be judged according to the quality of performance. The guests were provided with a full range of car models for a test drive.

Each city of the event featured special tracks with digital activities, and the points for completing each track and activity were recorded on the guest's badge card:

Speed track. Each guest was given special measuring equipment that checked his physiological indicators (pressure, pulse, etc.). Points were automatically scored for going through the route in a certain gradation. In addition, guests were given a printout showing their results on the track and their speed.
Fun Track. The task on this track was to cross all the maneuvering obstacles as accurately and quickly as possible. Points were scored for the accuracy.
Life Track. Life Track included a parking photo installation. To take a photo in the car, the guest had to park in a designated area using the car's systems. Points were scored for the accuracy of parking, and the guest also received a photo from the track.
Power Track. Beacons, which were displayed on an interactive map in cars, were installed on off-road tracks. The guest had to collect as many beacon points as possible during crossing the track. Points were scored for the number of collected beacons.
Quest Track. Beacons, which were displayed on an interactive map in cars, were installed on off-road tracks, and the guest had to collect as many beacon points as possible during crossing the track. Points were scored for the number of collected beacons.

The standings showing the guests' points were broadcast online in the hospitality area, and the guests could see their results and compare them.
The scores accrued during going through all tracks and activities were summed up and exchanged for gifts from Lexus Boutique collections in the guest award area.
...the large-scale event filled with energy and the spirit of sports became a model of a new event standard for the brand. The special attention to detail and the Japanese Omotenashi hospitality philosophy are those aspects of the brand that guests were able to discover in special learn about Lexus areas. Also, the guests were offered a couple of interesting tests and feel like real masters of Takumi, having experienced the highest quality standards of production of Lexus cars...
The guests were also able to fully understand the philosophy of Japanese hospitality omotenashi. In particular, the participants had to pass several interesting tests, giving them the opportunity to feel like takumi masters.

Literally, this word is translated as "craftsman", but in Japan takumi is used for those who have achieved total success in their business over many years of hard work. There are about ten such craftsmen working at the Lexus plant in Japan, each of them is responsible for a certain stage of car production. During the tests, participants were asked to determine a malfunction in one of the five engines by its sound, to find defects in the assembly or body paint by touch, to decompose almost identical color squares in descending order of color intensiveness, and so on — all the senses were used, and such a test drive will be remembered for a long time.

In Sochi, the guests of the program were shown the LFA supercar. This unique model worth half a million dollars was released in the amount of 500 items and was specially delivered to Sochi for the first time.
Performance indicators achieved:
Increased the brand loyalty
Increased the brand awareness
A high rate of positive references about the event in the media, blogs, social networks.
Changed perception of the brand among customers.
Introducing of the unique aspects of the brand to guests.

Official event hashtag: #lexuslive

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