Visit the creative photo zones at Krasnoyarsk sport facilities and meet the U-Laika tent - the mascot of the Winter Universiade
2019 Krasnoyarsk DirectorateI, ANO
March 02-12, 2019
50,000 guests
The 29th World Winter Universiade was held in Russia from March 2 to 12, 2019, for the first time in the history of student sports.

A lot had been done to host such a big sports event. Thousands of people worked to build sports facilities. In just a few years, modern sports complexes, ice arenas, and health centers had grown on the right and left banks of the Yenisei; highways and a new Krasnoyarsk airport terminal had been built. A huge number of companies and volunteers contributed in the organization of the Universiade itself. LYRA Agency was one of the contractors. 

The Agency was requested to design creative photo zones at Krasnoyarsk sports facilities, as well as the tent of U-Laika, the mascot of the Winter Universiade.

The main Student Games venue – the Universiade Park – is a large entertainment area in the center of Krasn
oyarsk: Mira Square and the western part of Tatyshev Island, connected by a cable-stayed bridge. There were more than 20 thematic locations, including the tent of U-Laika, the mascot of the games.

Visitors could take part in mini tournaments, educational quizzes and contests or take bright photos with U-Laika, the mascot of the Student Games. In just two weeks, the tent was visited by over 16,000 guests who made and posted more than 14,000 videos on social media.

...We always welcome our guests cordially, with traditional Russian hospitality and an open heart...

— Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation
The Agency developed analog and digital activations in different interaction formats. There were 11 locations, each about a certain type of winter sports. The activation complex was developed and implemented in the shortest possible time — in just 4 weeks. Vandal-proof structures were designed in compliance with all safety standards.
The implementation of the project for the 2019 Winter Universiade was a responsible task that the Agency completed on time and with high quality technical support for the created infrastructure.

The 2019 Universiade in Krasnoyarsk ran under the "Real Winter" slogan and delivered the message that sport is a whole world uniting people, cultures and values, demonstrating the openness of Russia as a host country, as well as unlimited human capabilities.

The Universiade is a student sports games, a youth analogue of the Olympiad. For more than 50 years, the Universiade has been the second most important multi-sports event in the world. The International University Sports Federation (FISU) holds such competitions biennially. Students, postgraduates and graduates of educational institutions aged 17 to 25 years can participate.

At the 2019 Universiade, 76 sets of medals were awarded in 11 sports; more than 3,000 athletes from 58 countries took part in the competitions. The medal standings were won by the Russian national team, who won 112 awards including 41 gold, 39 silver and 32 bronze medals.

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