Organization and holding of the final stage of the All-Russian competition of professional skills
Russian Post, FGUP
Moscow, 37 Varshavskoye Highway
December 22, 2016
220 people
Best Postman Competition is held every two years in order to attract public attention to the work of postal workers and to form a high profile of postal professions, as well as to improve the quality of postal services. The founders of the competition are the Russian Post and the Trade Union of Communication Workers of Russia. The competition was organized by LYRA Agency. The program and tasks at all the stages of the contest were aimed at achieving the highest production results, improving the postmen’s professional skills, sharing best post service practices from different regions. The competition included three stages – the office level, the macroregion level, and the All-Russian level – the final. The main criteria for choosing the best postmen were professional and practical skills, as well as sociability, stress resistance, the ability to solve difficult tasks.

The competition has shown how the profession of a postman, which is attracting more and more talented young people, is changing now. These are the specialists of a new generation, and they are ready to master modern technologies and competencies – these are the things that Russian Post needs most now. At the same time, the social responsibility of s postman, especially in rural areas, remains the most important professional quality

Dmitry Strashnov
General Director of Russian Post, FGUP
The winner of the contest was Zhanna Zuikova from Syzran, Samara region. She won the main prize – Lada Vesta, provided by Stoloto Trading House, the general partner of the competition, the largest distributor of state lotteries in Russia.

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