Russian Agricultural Bank, JSC
Best technological AgroTech event of the year
Russian Agricultural Bank
December 11-13, 2020
more than 7,000 people (online streaming)
Project awards
Best Experience Marketing Awards
Third place
Best Business Event
Creative Concept:

Agro Code 2020 is the first technological AgroTech event with 4 basic elements of the concept – 4 Agro Code formats:
– Contest of Ideas
– Data Science Championship
– Conference with AgroTech representatives
– Hackathon.

Nature and technology have long co-existed in one field, so the whole concept was focused on unique and high-tech developments designed to solve urgent problems of agricultural development. The best young and promising IT specialists were involved to introduce the solutions, and this gave them opportunities to implement their bold ideas, experience and aspirations.

Innovative technical solutions:

The event took place online on a specialized platform.

During the event, the participants have developed new innovative technical solutions to solve current agribusiness issues:

  • Trained a neural network to identify sick apple trees using a photo of a tree leaf.
  • Developed a program to help a group of drones to treat fields evenly.
  • Designed a recommendation service for farmers to determine the best place for agricultural crops and improve yield.
  • Developed an algorithm for collecting data on suppliers and an interface for farmers that allowed to choose the most suitable seller according to certain criteria.
  • Developed an application to increase the yield of space strawberries.
  • Prototyped a service to determine swampy and waterlogged agricultural areas.

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